Tuesday, 21 February 2012


I promise this isn't fake, you can even ask her yourself! <3

What dont you like about moviestarplanet?

When the site takes forever to load. Too many people frozen in my house. People delibrately maing up lies about eachover.

What do yuh like most about moviestarplanet?

I like MSP because I have made some really awesome friends on here, met my bf harvester_justin who makes me smile every time I look at him<33 I love making movies because it gives me an opportunity to express myself and reach out to others. I also love winning trophies from compettions. I have won 8 so far thank you to my friends :)

When did yuh start msp?

I have been on MSP exactly a year now, my friend Emmy67 from panfu another virtual world told me about MSP so I joined.

A comment from ishacool!

I love shopping on MSP and in real life. My fave colours are black, red, green, pink, and blue :D

thx for reading! And thx for doing the interview ishacool


  1. Want to interview me? I am Annie Wannie!!

    Anzo ♥

  2. http://anniewatmsp.blogspot.com/ my blog!

  3. Every time I comment I have to prove I'm not a robot!!

    1. Erm... I think that happens to everyone WE OBVIOUSLY AREN'T A ROBOT

  4. Iya,im mollywhite7 from msp,love to be interviewed too

  5. hot-cute6 Could You InterView Me :)